The Gallery | K K Hebbar Gallery and Art Centre (HGAC)

About the Gallery

The Hebbar Gallery and Art Centre is a space that nurtures and encourages creative expression and art pedagogy, which was central to the artist and art educationist Kattingeri Krishna Hebbar (1911 – 1996). HGAC welcomes cross-disciplinary engagement with artists and other cultural practitioners with the aim to encourage a deeper and more meaningful relationship between the people, the student communities in the region and art.

The art centre houses twenty-six paintings of K K Hebbar belonging to his portrait collection, courtesy of the K K Hebbar Art Foundation. The Art space situated on the top floor of the building of the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities is the first step of the University’s initiative to eventually establish a cultural centre promoting art and performance with special emphasis on the coastal region of South Kanara.

HGAC as a global artistic community focuses on artistic creation, pedagogy with an interest in creating a space for thinking about and making art. Thinking through making and thinking through experiencing guides the prime intentions behind the Art Centre.

HGAC engages in programs such as workshops and seminars with a keen interest to engage with the student community and the artistic community.